Baptism according to the Rites of the Catholic Church requires that at least one parent, and one of the godparents of the child will be baptised Catholics. Baptisms are generally celebrated at St Patrick’s on Saturdays at 10 am.

The parents of the child/children will be required to meet to complete preparation prior to baptism to ensure they are committed to the undertaking of baptism for their child/children. YOU MUST BOOK IN FOR THESE MEETINGS. PLEASE INDICATE THE DAY YOU WISH TO MEET WHEN COMPLETING THE BAPTISM REQUEST.

Click here to open and submit the baptism request. You will be contacted shortly to confirm the proposed date, or to discuss an alternative date. Please note you will receive a marked enveloped at the preparation meeting, and there is a cost of $75 for baptisms at St Patrick’s which maybe placed in the envelope and returned to the priest at the end of the baptism.

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